Kids may know their hashtags but can they spell?

Kids may know their hashtags but can they spell


Our future generation could potentially grow to have short attention spans, little social awareness and be shy due to their current addiction to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Unfortunately many young people’s brain are failing to develop because they have been exposed to social media from such a young age.  The only way they know to communicate is in front of a computer and are struggling to use basic social skills and emotions as they show preference towards showing their thoughts and feelings behind cover.

There are many young teenagers that are saying no to human physical contact as they rush home to chat to their friends on chat rooms and social media sites.  This unhealthy addiction is showing no signs of slowing down and if anything it is set to get worse as the next generation are bought up with social media.

There are further concerns that over exposure to these sites could damage the ability of children to concentrate in a classroom environment.  This is proven by the fact that the majority of children own mobile phones and spend the majority of their classroom studies sending their classroom friends photos and updating their status.

How long does your son or daughter spend on their computer game, computer or mobile phone?  As much as up to 30 hours?  The human brain needs stimulation in order to grow properly and unfortunately spending in excess of 10 hours a week on the internet can limit the capabilities of the brain to grow.

Their identity is anonymous on the net meaning their pesonality is also being lost.  Are they ready for the outside world?  Do they have the ability to make the world continue to transform, LOL?  Remember these are the leaders of tomorrow.

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